• Our Story

    Monofloral Mānuka New Zealand Limited is the sales and marketing branch of our family-owned apiary, Kahu Honey Ltd. We harvest and sell honey collected from our own beehives on our family-owned coastal Wairarapa Station, just north of Wellington, New Zealand. Read more about Monofloral Mānuka New Zealand’s story and values

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  • Our Range

    Monofloral Mānuka NZ sells sustainably grown, single-sourced, medical-grade New Zealand Mānuka honey directly to distributors and customers across the world. It is unique and consistent in its source, taste and quality. Find out where you can get your own jar of top-quality New Zealand Mānuka honey.

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  • Our Commitment

    Monofloral Mānuka NZ ethos is about keeping things simple, natural and producing a uniquely premium health product that is consistent in quality and connected to the environment where it was produced. Read all about our commitment to producing premium quality Mānuka honey while remaining carbon positive.

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One Flower

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food – Hippocrates

Some cultures view bees as messengers of the Gods. Their honey has also been compared to the nectar of the Gods, thus elevating bees to the status of royalty.

Mānuka honey (from the Mānuka flower) is world-renowned for its antibacterial properties. Today, Mānuka honey isn’t only sold as honey but also as a nutraceutical –  a food that is also a medicine.

Learn more about the history of Mānuka honey, its properties and its uses.

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One Source

It is important to highlight the single origin of our harvested honey from its associated Mānuka flower. The bountiful Mānuka trees grow on land owned by one family, honey is harvested by the family-owned apiary and retailed by the family. The circular notion of our brand is all tied into one, a single flower from a single origin that is owned, grown, harvested and sold by the family.

Our single-source honey policy and environmental growing conditions combine to give our Mānuka honey its unique and consistent character. Unlike most other Mānuka honey brands, Monofloral Mānuka NZ sells honey that completes the circle from the land, grower, and harvester to the consumer.

The Reid family farm’s vast, windswept coastline and steep coastal hills create the perfect environment to nurture our beehives. The hives are nestled amongst expansive valleys of native New Zealand Mānuka stands, across 3700 hectares of family-owned land. The Mānuka stands are exposed to the crisp, salt air, blown in from the Pacific Ocean and the roots of the Mānuka are woven through a mix of cretaceous limestone outcrops, bentonitic clays and underlying argillite/sandstone base.

Our commitment