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Monofloral Mānuka

MGO 690+ Mānuka Honey (250G)

MGO 690+ Mānuka Honey (250G)

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This honey contains a minimum of 690mg/kg of MGO.

MGO or methylglyoxal is the active ingredient that makes this honey so special.

Recommended dose: 1 Teaspoon per day to maintain general health and well-being.

Best before date: 5 December 2026

Lab test results for your honey purchase are available on request.

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Our Land, Our Honey, Our Commitment

Monofloral Mānuka NZ contains 100% New Zealand-grown, native Mānuka honey that is harvested by our own apiary, Kahu Honey Limited, from our own beehives on our family-owned, coastal Wairarapa Station. This combined gives our honey its unique qualities and flavours.

The honey is independently tested by an MPI-recognised laboratory in New Zealand to ensure its purity and quality. All our Mānuka honey is certified by M.P.I as monofloral.

We are committed to an enduring planet by encouraging regeneration of native flora as well as the use of recycled and recyclable containers for our honey.

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