What We Do

Monofloral Mānuka New Zealand Limited is the sales and marketing branch of our family-owned apiary, Kahu Honey Ltd.

We harvest and sell honey collected from our own beehives on our family-owned coastal Wairarapa Station. All our Mānuka honey is certified by M.P.I as monofloral. We harvest three grades of premium, high strength New Zealand Mānuka honey (570 MGO, 690 MGO and 830 MGO) which is then packaged in convenient pottles for distribution.

Monofloral Mānuka NZ contains 100% New Zealand-grown, native Mānuka honey and is harvested by our own apiary, Kahu Honey Limited. The honey is independently tested by an MPI-recognised laboratory in New Zealand to ensure its purity and quality.

What's in our name Monofloral Mānuka?

As ‘mono’ means one, only or single, we feel it is important to highlight the single origin of our harvested honey from its associated Mānuka flower. The bountiful Mānuka trees grow on land owned by one family, honey is harvested by the family-owned apiary and retailed by the family. The circular notion of our brand is all tied into one, a single flower from a single origin that is owned, grown, harvested and sold by the family.

One Flower, One Source, One Family

Our Story

Our family (The Reids) own the remote, coastal station, Ko te Kahu and neighbouring Pukenui Station located in the Wairarapa, two hours north of Wellington in New Zealand. This is home to our single-source, premium Mānuka honey.

Our family’s love and care for the honey production process extends to the love of our land. Intertwining the protection of the environment and the production of high-grade Mānuka honey is a focus of our enterprise. Mānuka stands flourish in a spray-free environment and emerging native bush creates a growing home to many treasured native species, including the New Zealand falcon.

Monofloral Mānuka NZ ethos is about keeping things simple, natural and producing a uniquely premium health product that is consistent in quality and connected to the environment where it was produced.

Staying true to these founding principles ensures the brand grows sustainably for future generations.

Our Mission and Values

We sell sustainably grown, single-sourced, medical-grade New Zealand Mānuka honey directly to distributors and customers across the world. It is unique and consistent in its source, taste and quality.


We will provide certified Mānuka honey that has been tested by reputable MPI-recognised honey testing services. There will be transparency in our processes for collecting honey and safe beekeeping. Your honey is traceable to our specific location in New Zealand.

Quality Over Quantity

We will provide reliably single-sourced products, consistent in the potency of the active ingredient (MGO) that makes Mānuka honey a medicinal product.

Sustainable and Regenerative

Our Mānuka honey comes from spray-free, family-owned farms. The property is regenerative in that it is producing carbon-positive use of land.


We care for each other and our family assets.